Where will you spend the day?

Where will you spend the day?


Fundación de Parques y Museos

Some of these programs and workshops are:

  • Education scholarships
  • Summer courses
  • Digital library (in a former airplane)
  • School workshops and programs
  • Mayan language
  • Painting workshops
  • Handicrafts workshops
  • Theatre workshop
  • Piano and guitar workshop
  • Singing workshop
  • Children´s choir
  • Camerata “Coral”
  • Seniors´ dancing club
  • Romantic acoustic music meetings
  • Guided tours for schools
  • Preservation of traditions
  • Conservation program for the youth
  • Program for protection and conservation of sea turtle
  • Mangrove reforestation program
  • Fish monitoring program
  • Beach cleaning program
  • Emerald hummingbird festival
  • Sea turtle festival
  • Children´s congress for environment

Our foundation (“Fundación de Parques y Museos de Cozumel”) has as a purpose the rational management of the resources from “Cozumel Parks” in order to improve the life quality and social welfare through initiatives and plans focused on education, environmental conservation and custody of historical and cultural heritage, fomenting a solid and characteristic identity in the local population.


To contribute to a better future for our island through the conservation and rational use of our cultural, historical and natural heritage providing life experiences to present and future generations.


The “Fundacion de Parques y Museos” foundation is the leading institution in the Mayan world region. Being innovative, socially committed and respectfully watching over its heritage by fostering sustainable development; with a system of governance that has the highest standards for effectiveness, honesty and transparency.