San Gervasio

Sanctuary to the Goddess Ixchel

Where will you spend the day?

Where will you spend the day?

San Gervasio

Pre-Hispanic Center

The archaeological site of “San Gervasio” is the most important and well studied prehispanic site of all the documented settlements in Cozumel Island. It is named after its location in the former “San Gervasio” ranch.

This archaeological set has been considered the center of pilgrimages where the Mayan worshiped the Goddess “Ixchel”. Besides being a Mayan sacred center it was a strategic site for commerce and the politic development of the area.

The area is constituted by six architectural sets and other isolated temples joined by a network of white roads called “sacbés” They are of great interest and give us an idea of how the Mayan developed their religious, administrative and daily life activities.

General Entrance
14.50 USD
Children under 3 Enter Free


Monday to Sunday
08:00 am to 16:00 pm.

General Entrance Includes:
Resting Area, Arqueological Sites, Parking, Bathrooms


Activities (Extra Cost)

  • Snack bar
  • Souvenirs stores
  • Guide service

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San Gervasio